how to insert link in tumblr bio

How to Insert Link in Tumblr Bio in Less Than 2 Minutes


In Tumblr’s creative world, every link is a pathway to new connections and discoveries.

Knowing how to insert link in tumblr bio is vital for reaching more people and keeping them interested.

Whether you’re new to Tumblr or an old user, learning how to add links to tumblr bio is important for making the most of your profile.

So, let’s explore how to add link in tumblr bio and make your Tumblr journey even more exciting!


How to Insert Link in Tumblr Bio

You will need basic HTML code skill but don’t worry we will walk you through every step of it:


1. Access Your Tumblr Dashboard

To begin, log in to your Tumblr account, navigate to your account on left and click on your blog.


how to add links to tumblr bio


2. Click on “Edit Appearance”

Locate the “Blog settings” button, usually found in the right corner of the screen, and click on it.


link in tumblr bio


3. Navigate to the “Custom Theme” Section

Within the “Profile” section, look for the “Custom” option and enable it to access your theme customization settings.

Now Click on “Edit Theme” Option.


tumblr instagram bios


4. Locate the “Description” Field

Scroll down until you find the “Description” field, where you can input text to be displayed in your Tumblr bio.


instagram bio tumblr


5. Insert Your Link But Wait a Minute.

You need to have a short link to update the description if you want to add a naked URL. Tumblr will only allow naked URL under 60 characters.

To do so, visit

Type or paste the desired link directly into the “Create a Short URL” field.

Ensure that the link is complete and properly formatted, starting with “http://” or “https://”.

For Example:

If you are looking to add Tumblr instagram bios, just enter the Instagram bio link and click on “Shortify Me” button.

how to insert a link in tumblr bio

Now copy the link and paste it into the “Description” field.

You will get a naked URL in the tumblr profile description without restriction of long characters.

Read our detailed guide on how to shorten a link for instagram


6. Add Descriptive Text (Optional)

If you wish to provide context or additional information about the link, you can add descriptive text before or after the link within the “Description” field.

Original Link:

Descriptive Link:

<a href=>My Instragram Bio</a>



7. Save Your Changes

Once you’ve added the link and any accompanying text, be sure to save your changes to update your Tumblr bio accordingly.


How to Customize Tumblr Instagram Bios Link

HTML Styling

To improve the visibility of your link, HTML allows for straightforward styling.

For example, to embed the link, enclose it with <strong> tags: <strong><a href=”URL”>Link Text</a></strong>.

CSS Styling

To achieve more intricate styling like altering link colors or incorporating hover effects, modifying your theme’s CSS is necessary.

This entails a grasp of CSS coding. Head to your Tumblr dashboard’s “Custom Theme” section and locate the “Custom CSS” field to implement these adjustments.

Customizing Link Appearance

Utilize CSS to change the color of your links.

Within the “Custom CSS” field, add a CSS rule to target links specifically and set the desired color using the color property.

Adding Hover Effects

Enhance user interaction by adding hover effects to your links.

Use CSS to specify different styles for links when they are hovered over by the cursor.

This can include changes in color, underline, or background color.

Adjusting Link Font and Size

Customize the font family, size, and style of your links to match your Tumblr theme.

Experiment with different font properties in the CSS to achieve the desired appearance for your links.


How to Fix Instagram Bio Tumblr Errors

how to insert a link in tumblr bio feature can sometimes be tricky, but fear not! Here are five common issues users encounter and how to fix them.

Link Not Clickable

Sometimes, users find that the links in their bio are not clickable, which can be frustrating for both the profile owner and their followers.

To fix this issue, ensure that the link is properly formatted with the <a> HTML tag and includes the full URL, starting with “http://” or “https://”.

Make sure there are no extra spaces or characters before or after the link.

Link Not Displaying Correctly

Another issue users face is links not displaying correctly in their bio.

This could be due to theme restrictions or conflicting CSS styles.

To resolve this, try switching to a different theme or editing your current theme’s CSS to ensure that links are properly styled and displayed.

You can also try removing any additional formatting or styling applied to the link to see if that resolves the issue.

Limited Space for Links

Tumblr bios have a character limit, which can make it challenging to include multiple links or lengthy URLs.

To address this issue, consider using a link-shortening service like to create shortened versions of your URLs.



Links Not Updating

if you’ve made changes to the links in your bio but they’re not updating or reflecting the changes, try refreshing your browser cache or logging out and logging back into your Tumblr account.

If the issue persists, double-check that you’ve saved the changes to your bio after editing it.

Broken Links

Users may encounter broken links in their bio, either due to incorrect URLs or changes in the linked content.

To fix broken links, double-check the URLs in your bio to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

If the linked content has been moved or deleted, update the URL or remove the link from your bio altogether.


How to Add Links to Tumblr Bio – FAQs


How do I add multiple links to my Tumblr bio?

Unfortunately, Tumblr only allows for one link in the bio section.

Can I customize the appearance of links in my Tumblr bio?

Yes, you can experiment with font styles, colors, and emojis to customize the appearance of your links and make them more visually appealing.

Are there any character limits for links in the Tumblr bio link?

It’s best to keep your link under 60 characters and maintain readability, aesthetic appeal.

Can I track the performance of links in my Tumblr bio?

Unfortunately, Tumblr does not provide built-in analytics for tracking link performance. However, you can use free URL shorteners with tracking capabilities such as ShortifyMe to monitor clicks and engagement.

How often should I update the links in my Tumblr bio?

Consider updating your links whenever you have new content to share or changes to your online presence.