Sharepoint URL Shortener

Our SharePoint URL Shortener empowers you to shorten sprawling URLs into manageable links for free. No more grappling with complex strings of characters. Track links with our SharePoint Short URL tool in just a few clicks.

How Sharepoint URL Shortener Works in Three Easy Steps


Copy and paste your Sharepoint URL


Click to instantly create a shortened link


Share your new short link

How to Use Shorten URL Sharepoint Tool?

Here’s how you can simplify your sharepoint experience with our three-step process:

Sharepoint Shorten URL API Integration


Integrating with your existing platform or infrastructure, ShortifyMe is designed for all environments. Whether sharing links internally or externally, our tool connects with every solution. Bid farewell to broken links.

How to Create Short URL in Sharepoint With Link Tracking


Unlock advanced features by signing up for our plans. Once registered, you gain access to real-time click tracking, engagement monitoring, and comprehensive link performance metrics.

How to Shorten Sharepoint URL With Custom Domains


Boost your branding with ShortifyMe’s custom domain URL shortener. Drop the default domain and showcase your brand with personalized short links.

How to Shorten Sharepoint Folder URL

Shortening SharePoint folder URLs is important for clarity. Follow these steps:

Access SharePoint

Log in to your SharePoint account and browse to the folder whose URL you want to shorten.

Copy the Folder URL

Click on the folder to open it, then copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.

Use Our Sharepoint Short URL Tool

Paste the copied URL into a SharePoint shorturl.

Generate Shortened URL

Click on the ShortifyMe button to generate a shortened version of the folder URL.

Copy and Share

Once shortened, copy the new URL and share it as needed.

Shorten URL Sharepoint FAQs

We take data security seriously. Our platform employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard your information at every step.

Absolutely! Our Sharepoint Shorten URL allows for custom aliases, so you can personalize your links to suit your needs.

You can shorten 50 urls in free account subscription.

Yes, Free signup links will be expired in 7 days.

Currently, our URL shortener is available as a web-based tool, accessible from any device with an internet connection., but you can try our chrome and edge browser extensions.

Upgrade Your Link Shortening Experience with ShortifyMe

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