What is a Custom URL

What is a Custom URL? An In-Depth Look


URLs are like digital addresses that guide us to specific content. But have you ever thought about making your custom URL?

Custom URLs bring a personal touch to your online experience and help others find and remember your content more easily.

In this blog, we’ll explore what is a custom URL and their benefits.


What Is a Custom URL?

A custom URL is a web address that you can personalize to reflect your brand, identity, or content.

Instead of a string of random letters and numbers, a bespoke url is descriptive and easy to remember.

It’s like having a personalized license plate instead of a standard one.

Custom URLs can be used on various platforms and services such as:


Custom domain names give a professional touch to your site.

Social Media

Platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Steam let you create bespoke URLs that match your brand or name.


Services like Tumblr let you create custom post URLs for a more tailored online presence.


How to Make a Custom URL with ShortifyMe.com for Free

ShortifyMe.com is a URL shortening and customization service that lets you create custom URLs for your website, social media profiles, or other online content.

Here’s how you can make a custom URL using ShortifyMe.com in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

First, visit ShortifyMe.com. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one quickly. If you already have an account, log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Enter the Original URL

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard.


how to make a custom url


Look for the Create URL where you can paste the original URL you want to shorten or customize. Enter the URL you wish to use.


bespoke url


Step 3: Customize Your URL

After pasting the original URL, you will have the option to customize the short URL. Choose a memorable, easy-to-remember string to represent your original URL. This string will be part of your new short URL.

For example, if your original URL is https://example.com/my-blog-post, you might choose a custom string like myblog. Your short URL would then become https://shortifyme.co/myblog.


what is a custom url on steam


Step 5: Generate the Bespoke URL

Once you’ve customized your URL, click the button to generate your custom URL. ShortifyMe.com will create a new, shortened URL based on your preferences.

Step 6: Copy and Share Your Bespoke URL

After generating your custom URL, you can copy it from the dashboard. Share the new URL with your audience on social media, through emails, or anywhere else you’d like.


Types of Bespoke URL

There are several types of bespoke URL you may encounter or want to create for different purposes:


What is a custom URL on Steam?

A bespoke URL on Steam is a personalized link to your Steam profile. It typically includes your chosen username and makes it easier for others to find you on the platform.


What is a custom URL on YouTube?

A bespoke URL on YouTube allows you to create a unique, memorable web address for your channel.

Instead of a random string of characters, you can use your channel name or brand.


What is a good custom URL for LinkedIn?

A good bespoke URL for LinkedIn incorporates your name or professional brand. It should be concise, easy to remember, and reflect your identity.


Custom Branded URL

A custom branded URL ties your web address to your brand, making it easily recognizable. For example, a company might use its brand name as part of its website URL.


Custom Canonical URL

In SEO, a custom canonical URL is used to indicate the preferred version of a web page when multiple versions exist.

This helps search engines understand which version should be ranked in search results.


Custom Feed URL

A custom feed URL allows you to personalize the link to your RSS feed. This makes it easier for others to subscribe to your content.


Custom Image URL

A custom image URL provides a way to create unique, descriptive links for images. This can improve SEO and make it easier for others to find your images.


Custom League URL

In the gaming world, a custom league URL is used to create a unique link for an esports league or tournament. This helps participants and fans easily find information.


Custom Post URL on Tumblr

On platforms like Tumblr, you can create custom post URLs to make your blog posts more personalized and easier to share.


Why Custom URLs Matter

Bespoke URLs offer numerous advantages:


A custom URL reinforces your brand’s identity and makes it easier for others to remember.


By incorporating keywords and making URLs more descriptive, you can improve your search engine rankings.


A bespoke URL lends credibility and a professional touch to your online presence.


Memorable and concise URLs are more likely to be shared, expanding your reach.


What are the Best Practices for Creating Custom URLs

Keep it short and simple

A shorter URL is easier to remember and share.

Use keywords

Incorporate relevant keywords to improve SEO.

Avoid special characters

Stick to letters, numbers, and hyphens to keep URLs clean and readable.

Be consistent

Use the same naming conventions across platforms for a cohesive brand identity.



Whether you’re a business owner, content creator, or individual, taking the time to build a unique URL can yield significant benefits in terms of branding, SEO, and professionalism.

So why settle for generic URLs when you can make your mark with a custom one?

Now, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.


How to Make a Custom URL – FAQs


What is a custom PNP URL for Prodigy?

A custom PNP (Private Network Protocol) URL for Prodigy might refer to a URL set up for a private network within Prodigy, a game-based learning platform.

It would likely involve specific routing or network configurations unique to an individual or organization.

What is a custom redirect URL?

A custom redirect URL is a URL that automatically forwards users from one web address to another specified address.

It’s often used to guide users from outdated or changed URLs to the correct, current page.

What is a custom URL for Airbnb?

A bespoke URL for Airbnb refers to a personalized web address for a specific listing or user profile on the platform.

It could help hosts and guests share their profiles or properties more easily.

What is a custom URL builder?

A bespoke URL builder is a tool or service that allows you to create personalized URLs based on your needs.

These tools often provide options to add tracking parameters or custom strings for easy sharing and better analytics.

What is a custom URL for fantasy football?

A bespoke URL for fantasy football is a personalized web address for a fantasy football league or team.

It can make it easier for league members to share information and access the league’s content.

What is a custom URL for Google Admin?

A custom URL for Google Admin refers to a personalized link to the Google Admin console. This could be a unique URL used for easy access to admin settings and management tools.

What is a custom URL on Facebook?

A custom URL on Facebook is a personalized link to a Facebook user’s profile or a page. It often includes the user’s name or brand, making the URL easier to share and remember.

What is a custom URL scheme?

A bespoke URL scheme is a way to create unique URL protocols for specific apps or actions.

It’s commonly used in mobile apps to handle deep linking and allow apps to open specific content directly.

What is a custom URL webhook?

A custom URL webhook is a unique web address where a service sends data to a server when certain events occur.

It’s used to facilitate real-time data communication and automate workflows.

What is a custom Wufoo URL?

A custom Wufoo URL is a personalized link to a form created using the Wufoo online form builder.

This allows users to customize their form’s web address for easier sharing and branding.

What is a Discord custom URL?

A bespoke URL in Discord refers to a personalized web address that might link to a specific server, channel, or user profile on Discord.

This makes it easier for users to share and join servers.