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Create branded, trackable links to boost engagement across all HubSpot channels. The HubSpot link shortener tool simplifies URL management and enhances your campaign performance with ease.

How to Use HubSpot Link Shortener


Copy and paste your Hubspot URL


Click to instantly create a shortened link


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What is HubSpot URL Shortener

HubSpot automate link shortener is a free tool by that allows marketers to condense long URLs into more manageable, aesthetically pleasing short links.

The HubSpot custom link shortener is not only easier to share but also come with a host of additional benefits, such as tracking capabilities and custom branding opportunities.

Why Use HubSpot Generate Shortened Link

By using the link shortener HubSpot, you can:

Improve Click-Through Rates

Shorter URLs are more likely to be clicked on because they look cleaner and more professional.

Brand Visibility

Customize your shortened links to include your brand name, making them instantly recognizable.

Gain Insights

Track the performance of your links automatically shortened with HubSpot. Detailed analytics, helping you refine your marketing strategies.

Increased Shareability

Shortened links are ideal for sharing on social media platforms, email campaigns, and other digital marketing channels. Their compact size means they don’t take up valuable character space, especially on platforms like Twitter.

HubSpot Link Shortener Features

Automatic Link Shortening

The HubSpot url shortener feature ensures that every link you share is concise and clean without any extra effort.
Simply paste your long URL and let Shortifyme work its magic.

Custom API Integration

ShortifyMe API Integration service integrate URL shortening into your HubSpot CRM. Improve user experience with white label data synchronization.

HubSpot Link Management

Easily create custom short URLs, track analytics with tags and labels, update links on-the-fly, and set link expiration dates for control and efficiency.

Free Extensions

Generate short links quickly and directly from your current page. Boost your productivity with ShortifyMe's extension installation.

How to Generate HubSpot Automatic Link Shortener

Generating a shortened link in HubSpot is an easy process. Here’s how you can do it:

Log into Your HubSpot Account

Access your dashboard and navigate to the marketing section.

Select the URL You Want to Shorten

Copy the long URL you wish to condense.

Use ShortifyMe Free Tool

Paste your long URL into the ShortifyMe`s HubSpot custom link shortener

ShortifyMe and Save Your Shortened Link

Click the Shortifyme button and voila! Your shortened link is ready to be shared.

Troubleshooting: HubSpot Link Shortener Not Working

Encountering issues with the HubSpot generate shortened link? Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Link Not Shortening

Ensure that the URL you are trying to shorten is valid and properly formatted.

Customization Issues

Check that the custom URL you want to create isn’t already in use.

Tracking Problems

Make sure your HubSpot tracking settings are correctly configured.

Common Use Cases for Link Shortener HubSpot

Email Campaigns
Shortened links keep your emails clean and easy to read, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement.
Print Materials
Print materials like brochures and flyers still hold value. Links automatically shortened with HubSpot are much easier to include on these materials, making it simpler for your audience to take action.
Influencer Partnerships
This not only makes it easier for them to promote your products or services but also helps you track the performance of the campaign.
Social Media Marketing
Use HubSpot link shortener to create concise links that fit perfectly within the character limits of platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

How to Turn Off Link Shortening in HubSpot

While the benefits of Hubspot URL Shortener are countless, there may be times when you prefer to use the original, longer URLs.

Here’s how you can turn off link shortening in HubSpot:

Access Your Settings

Log into your HubSpot account and navigate to the settings section.

Find the Link Shortening Option

Within the marketing tools, locate the link shortening settings.

Toggle the Link Shortening Feature

Switch off the automatic link shortening feature as per your requirements.

Best Practices for Using HubSpot Automatic Link Shortener

Monitor Your Links

Regularly check the performance of your shortened links. Use the analytics provided by Shortifyme to understand which links are performing well and which ones need improvement.

Keep It Simple

While customization is a powerful feature, remember to keep your short links simple and easy to remember. Overcomplicating your URLs can defeat the purpose of shortening them.

Update Regularly

If you change your branding or domain name, update your shortened links accordingly. This ensures that your marketing materials remain current and effective.

Hubspot Custom Link Shortener FAQs

Yes, but its paid, you can use free service

Yes, ShortifyMe integrates with HubSpot. This integration allows you to create and manage shortened links within your HubSpot workflows.

To change the URL of a HubSpot link using ShortifyMe, first generate the short link within ShortifyMe, then update the original HubSpot link by replacing it with the new shortened URL in your HubSpot content.

To disable link shortening in HubSpot, go to your account settings, jump to the “Marketing” section, and find the “Social” or “Email” settings. From there, toggle off the automatic link shortening feature to prevent links from being shortened.

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