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Discover the power of ShortifyMe URL Shortener Extension. Create a short link, fast and easy, right from the page you are viewing. Install ShortifyMe’s extension to maximize your productivity.

ShortifyMe Extensions

Craft Short and Powerful Links to Share with the World.

ShortifyMe for Chrome

Create and share short links directly from the page you visit with Chrome

ShortifyMe for Edge

Create and share short links directly from the page you visit with Edge

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ShortifyMe for Chrome

Create and share short links directly from the page you visit with Chrome

ShortifyMe for Edge

Create and share short links directly from the page you visit with Edge

ShortifyMe for Outlook

Create and share short links directly with Outlook

Key Features to Discover

Shorten Links with a Click

Click the ShortifyMe button in your toolbar to craft a unique link to the current URL. Your shorter, simpler, more memorable link is instantly copied to your clipboard, and ready to paste into a post, message, or document.

Customize Click-Worthy Short URLs

Is the ShortifyMe link too generic for you? If yes, ShortifyMe offers custom domains for branded links, allowing businesses to use branded domain names to create short links.

Generate QR Codes

Effortlessly create QR codes for quick information sharing with our intuitive QR code generator. Use QR codes in your print, outdoor, and other ad campaigns. Simplify communication and engagement in just a few clicks.

Real-Time Protection

Experience the power of real-time link performance with ShortifyMe URL Shortener Extension. No more waiting for insights – track your links' success the moment it happens!

Export Link Analytics Data

ShortifyMe takes analytics to the next level by allowing you to export link data effortlessly. Seamlessly export detailed insights, clicks, and geographic information. Empower your decision-making process and unlock the full potential of your link analytics with ShortifyMe!

Guest Mode

Introducing Guest Mode. ShortifyMe understands the importance of simplicity, and with Guest Mode, you can enjoy the benefits of link shortening without the signup process. Try it now!

You’ll Need A ShortifyMe Account

Benefits of the ShortifyMe URL Shortener Extension

Tired of long, unwieldy URLs dragging down your online presence? Meet ShortifyMe, the URL shortener extension that empowers you to shorten URLs instantly while optimizing them for search engines.

Instant Link Shortening

Transform lengthy URLs into concise, shareable links with just a click! ShortifyMe URL shortener extension ensures your audience gets straight to the point, boosting engagement and click-through

Enhanced Click Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your link performance. ShortifyMe provides detailed analytics, allowing you to monitor clicks, geographic locations, and more. Harness the power of data to refine your marketing strategy.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Share your content seamlessly across social media platforms, emails, or messages. ShortifyMe empowers you to connect with a global audience while maintaining a local touch.

Branded Links for Brand Recognition

Establish a consistent brand presence with customizable short URLs. ShortifyMe lets you personalize your links, reinforcing brand identity and trust among your audience.

Secure and Reliable

Trust is paramount online. ShortifyMe prioritizes security, offering a reliable link-shortening solution with built-in safeguards. Rest easy knowing your links are protected from malicious activities.

Boost SEO Rankings

Elevate your website's SEO performance by incorporating ShortifyMe. Shortened links enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates, and contribute positively to search engine algorithms.

Time-Saving Efficiency

Streamline your workflow with our user-friendly extension. ShortifyMe eliminates the need for complex manual processes, saving you time to focus on what truly matters – your content.