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With our powerful link management tool, you can create, edit, and manage all of your short links in one place, making it easy to track performance and optimize your campaigns.

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What is ShortifyMe’s Link Management?

ShortifyMe Link Management is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize the handling of shortened URLs. It offers a range of powerful features and functionalities aimed at providing link management solutions for businesses and individuals.

How Our Link Management Platform Works?

Simplify your link management experience with the ShortifyMe. Our link management platform helps you shorten, organize, and track shortened links. The dashboard makes link management a breeze, providing detailed analytics and customization options to suit your needs.


Effortlessly organize your links with our intuitive interface


Tailor your links to reflect your brand identity


Monitor and optimize link performance with built-in analytics

Why Choose ShortifyMe’s Link Management Tool?

Centralized Link Organization:

ShortifyMe offers a centralized platform, empowering you to manage all your shortened links seamlessly. Organize and categorize your links with tags or labels, ensuring easy access and a clutter-free experience.

Take control of your shortened links effortlessly with ShortifyMe’s link management tool. Edit and update destination URLs with precision, whether it’s correcting a typo or redirecting to a different page. Stay agile and responsive to changes with our intuitive platform.

Ensure your links stay relevant with ShortifyMe’s link expiration and deactivation feature. Set expiration dates for time-sensitive promotions or deactivate links when they’re no longer needed. Keep your campaigns fresh and effective.

Create custom link aliases that resonate with your brand using ShortifyMe. Replace generic strings with meaningful keywords or phrases, enhancing brand recognition and user engagement. Make your links memorable and impactful.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team using ShortifyMe’s robust link management platform. Assign roles, grant access, and streamline workflows for efficient link management. Stay synchronized and achieve your link management goals together.

ShortifyMe offers API integration for seamless automation of link management tasks. Connect ShortifyMe with your preferred systems or applications, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency. Unlock the full potential of link management with ShortifyMe’s API integration capabilities.

Benefits of ShortifyMe Link Management Platform

Streamline Your Workflow

Save time and effort by managing all your links in one centralized location.

Gain Valuable Insights

Make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing campaigns and content distribution strategies.

Boost Brand Awareness

Use branded links to increase brand recognition and establish trust with your audience.

Track Campaign Performance

Accurately measure the impact of your marketing efforts and optimize your strategies for maximum ROI.

Protect Your Links

Enhance link security with features like password protection and expiration dates.

Our Happy Customers


ShortifyMe provides a centralized platform to manage all your shortened links. Say goodbye to scattered links and hello to a well-organized link library.
ShortifyMe provides a link management feature that empowers you to modify and revise the destination URLs linked to your shortened URLs. Whether you need to update a landing page, fix a typo, or redirect to a different URL, you have complete control over your links.
Shortifyme allows you to easily organize your links by categorizing them with tags or labels.
ShortifyMe offers the ability to track the number of clicks for each link.
Shortifyme allows you to export link analytics data to perform an in-depth analysis.
Yes, you can set expiration dates for links or deactivate them when they are no longer needed.
If you’re part of a team or have several people involved, ShortifyMe’s link management feature makes collaboration easy. Grant access to team members, assign roles and permissions, and ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to link management.
ShortifyMe not only allows you to use your own custom domain, but also provides the option to create aliases for your links.
ShortifyMe offers API integration, allowing you to connect and automate your link management tasks with other systems or applications.

Getting Started with Link Management

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