how to shorten a link for instagram

How to Shorten a Link For Instagram For Free in Less Than 10 Secs


Every character matters, especially on platforms like Instagram.

Being brief is not just a good idea but important.

Making short, catchy content by using Instagram link shortener is easy for newbies, and one key part of this is learning how to shorten a link for Instagram.

Whether you’re a pro at social media or just starting out on Instagram, knowing how to create a short link for Instagram can make a big difference for you online.

So, let’s get into it and learn how to make a link shorter for instagram.


How to Shorten a Link for Instagram – Free No Signup Method

So, if you’re all set to know how to shorten a link for Instagram, it’s easier than you’d expect. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:


1) Choose a Tool

There are lots of websites that can shorten links for you, but Shortifyme offers a free URL shortener service.


2) Paste Your Instagram Link

Copy the long link you want to shorten and paste it into the box on the shortifyme website.


how to create a short link for instagram


3) Copy and Paste

Once you’ve made your short link, just copy it and paste it into your Instagram post or bio. And that’s it! You’re all set to share your content with the world.


4) Customize (If You Want – Free Signup Required)

ShortifyMe allows you to customize your 50 short links to make it more unique.

This is optional but can be fun.

With a free signup, you can access detailed analytics, including Total Links, Active Links, Expired Links, Total Clicks, and API integration.


how to create a short link for instagram using shortifyme free signup


How to Make a Short Link for Instagram – Free Chrome/Edge Extension

Follow these simple steps and learn how to create a short link for Instagram with free Chrome/Edge browser extensions.

1) Install the Shortify Extension

Open your Chrome or Edge browser and head to the Web Store. Search for “ShortifyMe” and click on the “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Edge” button to install the extension.

You can visit the below URLs to download the extensions directly on your browsers.

ShortifyMe Chrome Extension

ShortifyMe Edge Extension


how to make a link shorter for instagram


Once installed, you’ll see the Shortify icon in your browser toolbar.

2) Copy Your Instagram Link

Go to your Instagram account and copy the URL of the post or profile you want to share.

3) Open Shortify.Me Extension

Click on the Shortify.Me icon in your browser toolbar to open the extension.


how to make a short link for instagram


4) Paste Your Instagram Link

In the Shortify.Me Extension, paste the Instagram link you copied into the designated field.

Once you’ve pasted the link, Shortify.Me will automatically generate a shortened version.

Click on the “Copy” button next to the shortened link to copy it to your clipboard.


how to shorten a link for instagram bio

5) Go Back to Instagram

Return to Instagram and navigate to where you want to share the link, whether it’s in a post caption, bio, or direct message.

6) Paste and Share

Paste the shortened link into the desired location on Instagram and share your content with confidence, knowing that your link is now sleek and easy to click.


5 Ways to Utilize Shorten URLs for Instagram

By incorporating these five Instagram marketing strategies, you can share and manage URLs to drive engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Read our detailed guide on How to share a link on Instagram


Instagram Stories

Utilize native Instagram features to include links in your stories by meeting specific criteria, such as having over 10,000 followers or being verified.

Instagram links not working? Learn how to fix this


Share Links via Instagram Posts

When sharing URLs in your Instagram posts, opt for engaging captions that encourage followers to swipe up (if you have the swipe-up feature) or visit the link in your bio for more information.

Consider using visually appealing images or videos to complement your post and entice clicks on the link.

Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

Utilize the single link available in your Instagram bio to direct followers to your desired destination.

Utilize Instagram Direct Messages (DMs)

Engage with your followers on a more personal level by sharing URLs via Instagram DMs.

Whether it’s directing them to a new blog post, inviting them to a webinar, or offering an exclusive discount, DMs provide a direct channel for sharing links and fostering one-on-one connections.

Host Instagram Live Sessions with Links

Take advantage of Instagram Live sessions to interact with your audience in real-time while sharing valuable content and links.

Whether you’re hosting a Q&A session, conducting a tutorial, or launching a new product, you can share URLs during the live broadcast and encourage viewers to visit the link in your bio.


How to Monetize a Link Shorter for Instagram

You can monetize your links for Instagram and generate passive income streams.

Experiment with various monetization strategies by implementing these five tips and tricks.

1) Affiliate Marketing Links

Integrate affiliate marketing links into your shortened URLs.

Choose affiliate products or services that resonate with your Instagram audience’s interests and preferences.

Whenever someone clicks on your shortened link and makes a purchase through the affiliated site, you earn a commission.

Ensure transparency by disclosing your affiliate partnerships to maintain trust with your followers.

2) Promote Sponsored Content

Collaborate with brands and businesses to promote sponsored content through your shortened links.

Negotiate deals where you receive compensation for each click or conversion generated through your shared links.

Tailor your sponsored content to align with your Instagram niche and maintain authenticity with your audience.

3) Offer Premium Subscription Services

Provide premium subscription services through your link shortener.

Offer exclusive access to valuable content, resources, or perks in exchange for a subscription fee.

Create a sense of exclusivity and urgency to entice your followers to subscribe and access premium features.

4) URL Locking and Interstitial Ads

Implement URL locking and interstitial ads to monetize your shortened links.

With URL locking, users must complete a specific action, such as watching an advertisement or completing a survey, before accessing the desired content.

Interstitial ads display full-page advertisements before redirecting users to the target URL.

Earn revenue based on ad impressions or user interactions with the displayed ads.

5) Optimize Link Placement and Call-to-Action (CTA)

Place your shortened links within your Instagram content and optimize your call-to-action (CTA) to encourage clicks.

Incorporate persuasive language and compelling visuals to capture your audience’s attention and drive engagement.

Experiment with different link placements, such as in captions, stories, or bio, to determine the most effective placement for maximizing click-through rates.


How to Shorten a Link for Instagram Bio – FAQs


Why should I bother shortening links for Instagram?

Short links save space and make your posts look better on Instagram.

Can I make my short links look different on instagram?

Yes, let you customize your short links to make them unique.

Are there any downsides to using short links on Instagram?

No, It’s important to make sure your links are trustworthy.

How can I see how many people clicked on my short link?

Shortifyme offers analytics that shows you how many clicks your link got.